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Sights of Qeshm: 10 tourist attractions of Qeshm where are worth to see

Qeshm’s sights and attractions have made Qeshm the city of the Seven Wonders of Iran. Qeshm Island, its water, sun, and soil are full of colors like a rainbow. Qeshm has many sights. For this reason, you may not have the opportunity to see all of them. In this article, we will introduce 15 sights of Qeshm.

1. Hara Forest

The first place of interest in Qeshm which we introduce to you is the Hara Forest. The Hara Forest is located exactly in the northeastern of the island. The water level of this forest is normally about 1.5 meters.

Hara Forest

 But during the high tide of water, the trees of this forest go underwater and the influx of fish in the high tide of water makes it a good place for fishing. Tides occur in these forests every 6 hours.

Interestingly, at low tide of water, these trees appear to have grown on dry land. The best time to visit the Hara Jungle in Qeshm is from mid-autumn to May when the temperature in this area is more suitable.

To stay around it, you can use the eco-friendly houses, or camp next to these natural beauties and spend some time in wild and beautiful nature.

2. Stars Valley

The natives of Qeshm believe that a star fell from the sky and created these beautiful rocky valleys; A valley that looks like another planet. If you climb the cliffs, you will see the layers of rocky mountains with seashells.

Stars Valley

native people believe that these rocks are full of ghosts. Stepping into this area is like a dream; such as walking in one of Salvador Dali’s paintings.

3. Khorbas Cave

From the top of the Persian Gulf, when you look at Qeshm, you see the Khorbas Cave,  one part of the cave natural, and the other part is artificial. The inside of the caves is connected to each other.

Khorbas Cave

The usage of these communications has been to be aware of the arrival of the enemy

4.Naz Island

One of the sights of Qeshm Island is the surrounding islands and one of the best of those is Naz Islands. Naz Island is 22 km away from Qeshm.

Naz Island Qeshm

this place is full of colorful oysters and jellyfishes were are waiting for you on the beach and you can walk about one kilometer in the waters of the Persian Gulf on foot or by car. If you are a diver, there are unique sites for diving around the island.

5. Hengam Island

Hengam Island is located in the south-central part of Qeshm Island, at a distance of 2 km from this island and in front of Shib Daraz village. The island, when the ancients called it Hanjam and Henyam, it has an area of 50 square kilometers and is full of salt, soil, and lead mines.

Hengam Island Qeshm

Diving is one of the favorite pastimes of Hengam Island tourists. Hengam’s Wildlife is also unique: birds, deer, dolphins, and can go to Hengam from Shib-Deraz village by boat. Shib-Deraz is a beautiful village with funny turtles and frogs that lay eggs in spring and summer. The natives of the village protect their eggs so that they do not fall prey to other animals.

6. Chahkooh Canyon

The natural and beautiful gorge of Chahkooh is another place of interest in Qeshm, which is literally a mountain with wells.

Chahkooh Canyon

There are wells at the entrance to the gorge. The beginning of the strait is wide but over time, it becomes narrow. In some parts, the walls of the gorge collide. Similar to Star Valley, the canyon is the result of erosion by rainwater and sedimentary rocks.

7. Tala(TalAb) wells

The complex of Tala wells(also mistakenly called gold) was in fact a place for collecting fresh rainwater in the hot and dry weather of Qeshm Island. The drilling of these wells, which are located in Left port and behind Naderi Castle, dates back to the post-Islamic era. at first, their number was 366, the number of days in a leap year.

Talaab Wells

Enough fresh water is available all of a year. However, over time, about 266 of these wells have been filled and now only 100 of them remain; But they can still attract you to Qeshm as one of the sights.

8. Salt Cave

Qeshm salt cave is 6850 meters and it’s one of the sights of Qeshm. This cave is the longest salt cave in the world.

Salt Cave

Namakdan Cave has located in the southwest of the island and it has created by the accumulation of sea water in faults. The long corridors of this cave lead to an area with a dome full of stalactites and salt chandeliers.

9. Spawning of turtles

If you travel to Qeshm during the cold months of the year and between March and early May, while exploring Hengam Island, you can also visit the protected area where eagle-nosed turtles lay their eggs.

Spawning of turtles

These turtles are one of the two types of turtles which choose the shores of Iran for their spawning. Between 90 and 150 eggs can be seen in each hole at a time. Not everyone has the opportunity to see this beautiful scene. So try to include that in your Qeshm sightseeing program.

10. Portuguese Castle

If you are interested in history and events that happened in the past, the Portuguese Castle is one of the places where can be interesting for you on your trip to Qeshm.The Portuguese castle was built in the 15th century to support the castles of Hormuz and Lark by Alfonso Albert Kirk.

Portuguese Castle

The Portuguese castle is about 2000 meters and it’s located in the north of Qeshm Island. Today, the inside of the castle has become a museum, and balls related to that time have been placed in the castle. During the excavations carried out around this castle in 2008, a hidden tunnel connected to the city of Qeshm was accidentally discovered.

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