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Coolest Persian Dance at the wedding ceremony

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I Sent some posts about Iranian dancing several days ago, but I have another wedding dancing and I decided to share that with you.

coolest iranian wedding ceremony

Visit Iranian dance history link:

Persian classical dance

It is one of the oldest types of Iranian dance, which was performed in gatherings and courts by reflecting on the Iranian religion and tradition.

Classic Persian Dance

 Many dancers made efforts to collect the form and compile and create technical principles in this type of dance before the Iranian revolution, which remained half-finished after the revolution.

Helia Bandeh and Shahrzad Khorsandi were best of them.

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What is Sama Dance?

 The first current is related to the emergence of sects, especially Sufism, which during its ups and downs, by relying on some narrations, hadiths, and sectarian inferences from Islam, stubbornly defended a type of dance called Sama.

sama dance

  Undoubtedly, in such currents, at least in terms of behavioral formulations, Sama has an undeniable connection with Iranian culture

The story of all the differences that flourished on the plateau of Iran after Islam and many of them later became known as misguided (grains) and the way of performing their rituals and ceremonies and the cautious but esoteric reception of some Iranian tribes and clans and

The customs and practices of such differences confirm such an understanding

At during of history, the support of significant and influential social and religious groups for this process has led us to have a relatively large amount of documents and evidence about dances that became famous for their mystical dances

Documents that fully indicate the states and mechanisms of this art. A considerable part of Iranian literature, especially the literature related to the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries AH, in addition to the tendency and expression of interest in this trend, presented the hearing of their dervishes as a sublime degree of worship and made it an unparalleled manifestation. And why they know the manifestations of truth

The ritual dance is a form of dance that is clearly ritualistic in nature. A dance which has been practiced for centuries throughout Central Asia, parts of Afghanistan, and parts of the western Indian subcontinent, as well as numerous groups and tribes from the southern and southeastern coasts of Iran

 The oldest available document related to such dances mentions significant details in the history of Jahangshah Jovini and mentions the departure of Tarabi, which speaks relatively clear about the generality of the ritual, along with the rhythmic movements in the east of the Iranian plateau A number of scholars have traced the roots of these dances, which have long been known as fairy tales, to the beliefs of shamans and attributed them to shamanism

and we are here with Coolest Dance in Iranian Wedding Ceremony

See This Video and Joy it.

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