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Don’t Go To IRAN

In this video, he refutes all the negative narratives about Iran with exciting images:

  • Iran is a large desert.
  • Iranian culture is very primitive.
  • Iran is not a safe place.
  • Iranians have not gone to university.
  • Iranians do not have delicious food.
  • Iranian traditions are boring.
  • Iranians do not like Westerners.
  • Iranians have no fun.
  • The Iranians do not have a historical sequence.

So do not travel to Iran.

Don't Go To iran

But at the end of the post: “You may experience the best trip of your life.

The French newspaper Le Pen wrote about this film and its creator

Benjamin never imagined going to Iran one day In early 2016,

The young man from Paris, with his friend Batiste Lubian, surfed the Internet to find a pristine destination

 The young director, who specializes in making short films with unexpected themes, is known by the nickname “Tolt”

Finally, on a cheap flight site, two 25-year-olds young buy tickets to the Islamic Republic of Iran for 200 euros, A country where its nuclear program is the headline of the media

iran just a big desert

 Benjamin says “It was like a joke to me early on,

But I got more information about Iran, I became the more confident and  I determined for going to Iran more than before,”. Especially, the Iranians around me encouraged me to go to this country

For example, Reza Fayali, whom I saw in the bathroom of one of the restaurants in Paris!

He gave me his home address and he assured me that it would be one of the most memorable journeys of my life

In February 2016, Benjamin and Batiste will fly to Tehran

they arrival at Imam Khomeini Airport, they get their visas in a few minutes and enter the largest city in Iran; A city with a population of 15 million whose its mountains reach a height of 4000 meters

 Benjamin says, the young director “The first something which impressed me was the welcoming of the Iranians”

iran has no gastronomy

He said “We asked a passer-by for the address of the restaurant and he accompanied us to the restaurant and ate with us”

You do not see these things in France Yes, you may see this warmth and kindness in other eastern countries, from Afghanistan to Morocco,

 But in Iran, the warmth and kindness of the Iranians affects human greatly

Everywhere in the world, people consider tourists such as a good economic opportunity,

But Iranians want to be a kindness for you more than they want to get the opportunity and the things

During their two-week stay, the two young Frenchmen spent a total of only € 1,100 on a plane ticket

They say “We stayed almost everywhere for free”

“All something which we bought was gifted for our host”

Two young traveled inside Iran by bus and domestic flights (for less than 30 euros) and they discovered the greatness of the Persian Empire up close

 Takht Jamshid wonderful, the cradle of civilization, romantic Shiraz and its unique poets, mosaics, and finally from ski slopes to deserts like Maranjab, which is an hour and a half away from Tehran

In Tehran you will find all kinds of landscapes; the sand dunes, the salt lake, the groves, and the meadows and all these sceneries are wonderful. One night we were talking to guides by the fire, and they said, “Iran is a Muslim country, but much more modern than we think”

During their stay in Isfahan, two young men saw on 33 bridges that officers patrolled the young girls and they warned them to remove their hijab.

Benjamin said “There was no physical violence in the warning”

Says Benjamin “I do not recommend going to Iran, because it may be the best trip of your life

This is the title of a short film that Benjamin made from his trip to Iran and he tried to expose the existing stereotypes about Iran

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