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Facts about ‘’famous brand’’ handbag

All of us know handbags that are designed by famous brands and well-known designers are the most popular handbags and they are sometimes something inaccessible and dreams for ladies.

The companies make these handbags out of the best quality and materials guarantees it can be used for ages for users. And the most important part is that they don’t have any partial time for using and they are fashionable for all times because, during the time pass, they become a classic accessory.


Why are handbags so popular among women

Why are handbags that much popular among tons of  accessories and outfit? It’s so simple because handbags are always with us everyday and we carry all stuff by them so these accessories are pretty helpful and useful for us .They are also important in terms of fashion and esthetic. And this factor has been shown during the history and reveals the importance of post modern handbags.

The connection between handbags and snatching

In the past, women didn’t use to use handbags to carry their stuff. They used to have some hidden sacks, under their dress or were sewed inside, because women weren’t allowed to have bags on that time and it was rude if a woman was spotted holding a bag, she could be even be arrested in the accuse of snatching.

Facts about Women Luxury bags

The connection between handbags and social relationships

Researchers show that women who spend their money for buying luxurious handbags feel more unsafe in their social relationships and their romantic relationships are  more unstable.

In fact, when women feel unstable in their relationship and social life, go shopping to reduce their anxiety.

In a survey women were asked : ‘’ If you want to buy something expensive, what will you buy?’’

22% of them responded: ‘’purse’’. Shoes took second place with 9% in this survey.

The fun fact is women’s handbags has 2.5 kg in average.

The first usage of bags in history

The first usage of bags has been confirmed in 14th century B.C which was observed on hieroglyph tablets in ancient Egypt.

People would use something like a bag to carry their stuff which didn’t have any special name and the word ‘’purse’’ was invented and used in 19th century. Bags which were used in ancient were actually some tied sacks on their waist and carried to everywhere.

Wooden handgrip for handbags

By the beginning of world war II  and the rarity of leather, ‘’Gucci’’ made handgrips for handbags to cover the lack of having the leather and it became a stylish new type of bags which turned into so popular ones.

The first of the most luxurious expensive handbag of the history was made of the platen with more than 2000 diamonds designed. This handbag was designed by a Japanese designer in 2008 and the price was estimated about 2 million dollars. But the price record was broken down after 2 years. The most expensive handbag was made in 2010 called ‘’thousand and 1 year’’, covered by diamond and price was more than 3.8 million dollars, recorded in Guinness world book records.

Men and luxurious handbags

Researches show that men choose their bags by the name of brands. It might be unbelievable that men and women bags, but these results are established by researches and surveys, however, women are more likely to use handbags than men and proved a woman has about 6 handbags in their dresser.

Fake and high copy handbags

The business of Fake handbags is a normal reaction to expensive and rare popular brands and this factor is more common about brands. Too many people can’t afford these expensive handbags and their passion about it make them buy copy and fake handbags which have lower price everywhere. The majority of the cost is just for the prestige of that handbag and that quality is affordable by the lower price by buying something without being a trend.

Unique and luxurious handbags

In modern life, wealthy people are looking for unique stuff and services to show their unique level better. Humans’ appearance has been a revelation for their social status.

Bags and shoes always have had a good place in this game. Too many different and rare leathers have been made out of rare/different animals and sold at an extremely high price.

Video Of Strange Material of Bags&Shoes

It is talked about a type of strange and odd material that might be shocking for you… words of the speaker will amaze you.

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