Francesco Totti’s bitter story of saying goodbye to Rome

It was two years ago when Francesco Totti said goodbye to Russia and

He said goodbye to the club and the world of football after years of brilliance.

Francesco Totti

Totti also worked for the club’s management for some time

And a rift with James Pallotta, Franco Baldini, and others caused his separation.

  Totti revealed in a live interview on Instagram that he cannot even set foot in the club and that is why he is very upset.

Francesco Totti said:

“I did not want to say goodbye to the world of football.

  When I was physically fit, So why did I have to say goodbye?

  It was not like I wanted to play full time   Or I try to force everyone to play with me.

I did not want to waste my time in Rome, So It would have been better for me to retire than go to another team to play for another year.

Francesco Totti Family

  I’m not a fool, I am not 10 years old, But

  If I am good at physically and mentally state, During training

  I realize that I can still be productive. I was happy to be in the locker room

And I could have helped the technical staff in difficult moments And I have worked with younger players to share my experiences.

Every time I came off the bench, The audience at the stadium was excited And that space helped everyone.

Everything has an end  And I’m not dumb, But the problem was that Some told me that This is my decision  And more I was led to the exit.

  I’m upset Because I was expelled from Rome.

Francesco Totti

As long as this is the case, I do not set foot in the club.

I stay out of the club every time I train Christian. Sometimes I sit in the car and I hate that after 30 years, I cannot even set foot there now.

I left Rome, But I still have good friends there And they come out of the club to say hello.

  Every once in a while my son asks me to come and watch his play,  But I cannot do that

  “Because it upsets me and brings me to the brink of death.”

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