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Freehearted Doctor in “Meybod, Yazd”

He is 71 years old. The visit of him, who is from Meybod Yazd, is just 500 Tomans

All of the people who can pay money for their visit and another person who can’t pay it, no problem, does not, no

The doctor’s account with his patients is so simple

Until two days ago, few people knew Dr. Mohammad Aghaei Meybodi

  But now a few minutes video of this general doctor has been published in cyberspace and this is being circulated everywhere

A film with a simple and unbelievable title

DR Meybodi in YAZD

Medicine with the right to visit 500 Tomans! Yes, the same 500 to one toman with which not even an ice cream can be bought now

 The visit to this 71-year-old doctor, who is from Meybod, Yazd, is the same as 500 Tomans! Everyone who has, pay the money for the visit and another whom  can not  do it, that is ok, do not, n

 The doctor’s account with his patients is so simple;

 The reason that makes us be in the office of Dr. Aghaei’s guest newspaper and listen to the words of a man who has a special style and secretary in life and has made the satisfaction of God’s creation the top priority of his work and life.

Dr. Meybodi’s presence in Jam Jam newspaper coincided with the arrival of a delegation from the caravan under the shade of the sun in the editorial office on the occasion of the Decade of Dignity to spread the fragrance of Imam Reza (AS) and the smell of humble service to the people and the deprived

Where are you from, doctor?

A native of Meybod, Yazd … I was born in 1327 in Meybod and I still live in this city and I am proud to return to my hometown after becoming a doctor.

How did you choose medicine?

I was interested in medicine, and even though no one in our family or in our neighborhood had studied it, I went for medicine.

  Of course, my father encouraged me, even though he had a freelance job;

That is, first he was in ceramics and then he went to bricklaying and then to bakery and grocery, he encouraged me to pursue this field despite the problems he had.

Where did you study?

I studied at the Faculty of Health Sciences;

Dr. Mohsen Ziaei, the son-in-law of the late Dr. Gharib, was the founder of this college.

  After the revolution, this college was handed over to Shahid Beheshti University, and I finished my studies there.

Did you get so few visits from the beginning?

From the very beginning, I set out to take care of the sick. I remember, for example, when everyone paid ten tomans for a visit, I received five tomans. After everyone received 20 tomans, I received ten tomans. After everyone received 50 tomans, I received 20 tomans for a visit.

I mean, I always tried to get less so that patients who were not in a good financial position would not get into trouble and would finally have a place to come.

For 9 years now, my visit has been the same for 500 tomans and it has not increased!

Why didn’t you increase it?

500 Tomans today is not comparable to 500 Tomans 9 years ago.

Yes, that’s what you say, but if we all want to think that way, then what happens to a human?! You see, everyone loves money, they love prosperity. I am no exception to this rule, but when I think to myself, I see that all those who are sick of me have some kind of problem in their lives, their income has not increased in these economic problems, and really They may not go to the doctor because of the right to visit, so when my life is spent with the same 500 Tomans, why should I get more

Do you really spend your business with the same 500 Tomans?

 How much do you have to visit in terms of legally?

Yes, it passes … you see, legally, until last year, we had to charge 16,500 Tomans for each patient visit, 16,500 Tomans from anyone who had an insurance booklet, and 22,500 Tomans from someone who did not have insurance.

Of course, I also have the right to deduct insurance booklets from insurance, and that is enough

That is, approximately how much do you earn?

My income is enough to make my life go around

 I think I have an average income of about 5 million tomans a month and that is enough

Especially now that all the children are married and they have their own home and life and only I and my wife are left

The video which made Dr.Meybod famous in all country.

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