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“Ms. Iran”: Age is only one number

She is stylish, but in his own way, in a way that has not been seen anywhere, or at least less seen, he is not a style imitator.

iran khanoom

  Iran Khanoum is an 89-year-old woman and a beautiful example with a unique type.

  Her clothes come with their own designs and textures.

  Her clothes are not weird, the tonality of the colors is also not dazzling and too bright.

  Iran Khanum became famous through her Instagram page.

ms iran

  The “Sweet Sixties” project took her beyond the definition of a fashion activist.

An attractive and new fashion blogger moved to Paris 3 years ago to spend more days with her family.

  Since Iran Khanoum Brigade is not an official brigade, she admits that she inspires her in choosing her clothes with her travels and the experiences she gains during these trips.

iran khanoom

  She talked about topics such as aging, fashion, and the direction of fashion these days.

The following, there is an interview which Lameh does it with her.

She was asked about the story behind her personalizations in fashion and the “Sweet Sixties” project: “Sweet Sixties just started as a fun project to the idea that women after the age of 50 could not have their own look. And at the same time challenge them to be handsome. ”

What do you think about Instagram and social networks like Instagram that have become a tool to showcase fashion?

“For me, such spaces are defined without limits and borders.

  Place Where people share their ideologies and abilities with each other

“All of this is very attractive to me.”

Do you have a background in fashion?

ms iran

What has attracted you to this industry?

“No, I do not have such a background in this field.

But as far as I can remember, from childhood I was interested in dressing nicely because I married a diplomat and in some cases, we were invited to lavish parties.

  These were the times when I was so excited about my looks and how I dressed.

“Although everything changed after the Islamic Revolution, I was no longer young.”

Ms. Khanum moved to Paris three years ago to live with her family.

He talks about her life experience in Iran and Paris who how it has affected his looks and clothing.

She says:

“The Iranian type of clothing is very poetic and colorful, but the French type of clothing is delicate and feminine.

I think the experience of living in these two countries with different cultures has made my coverage unconscious.

Ms. Iran points out that she is not inspired by a particular person.

iran khanoom

It also goes on to say

One of my favorite movements in the Middle East is “Tehran Times”

They provided an example of youth street coverage, which has a profound effect on changing the Western perspective.

What cover do you start the mornings with?

“My mornings are a comfortable time, I try to wear my most comfortable clothes.

However, my grandchildren and children believe that my bridal gown is not every day and it is not very comfortable.

 But this is me, I like my nails, hair, and clothes to be neat and tidy so that I am ready when I meet someone.

What makes Ms. Khanum an activist in a special social network is that she knows age is just a number and lives with vitality and energy.

 From Armenia to Russia, she has been influenced by her special choices in fashion and clothing.

 She refuses to follow a certain style or person and has her own way of expressing herself.

 Instead of following a certain line, she pursues an interesting and at the same time funny style.

Video of “IRAN KHANOOM”:

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