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Iranian dance is a type of dance and a set of rhythmic movements that are nurtured and developed in the context of Iranian culture, history, and literature.

One of the oldest types of Iranian dances is ritual dance, which includes a set of rhythmic movements that are performed within the framework of a tradition or ritual and are generally performed in groups. The ritual dance is a reflection of inner or mystical states. Many historical pieces of evidence, including paintings on rocks, cave walls, and ancient excavated pottery, show the existence of ritual dances throughout the Iranian plateau from time immemorial.

Mystical dance is one of the latest Iranian ritual dances which is more than a thousand years old.

History of Persian Dance

 Since the emergence of Sufi and mystical ideas in Iran, dance has been used as a ritual to go into ecstasy, to sell oneself, or as the followers of this path mention, to get closer to the higher worlds and the Creator.

 The thousand-year history of Sufism in Iran has always been accompanied by the continuous mention of a word or the repetition of a movement in the form of dance and music.

 The most well-known Iranian mystic is Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, known as Rumi and Rumi.

Persian classical dance

It is one of the oldest types of Iranian dance, which was performed in gatherings and courts by reflecting on the Iranian religion and tradition.

Classic Persian Dance

 Many dancers made efforts to collect the form and compile and create technical principles in this type of dance before the Iranian revolution, which remained half-finished after the revolution.

Helia Bandeh and Shahrzad Khorsandi were best of them

Persian pop dance

As pop music became more colorful in Iranian culture, Iranian dance also needed to be organized in line with this type of music, which did not fit into a classical form or urban and chamber dances. This type of dance was performed and performed by Iranian dancers, especially after the Iranian Revolution, along with the music of that time until today, in various forms and forms, which often tended towards chamber dances due to lack of organization.

Popular Persian Dance

 Among the designers and dancers of this style, we can name Mina Vajik, who played an important role among Iranian dancers in reconstructing and organizing this style without leaving the form and culture of Iranian dance.

The most popular video of Iranian group dance

In the video below, you can see a group of Iranian women who were able to attract a lot of attention by their dancing in groups and reach a very high number of views on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy watching the video of Iranian women dancing

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