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Even if someone’s funeral is held luxury way! Does it matter to you and me?

You must have seen this clip of luxury mourning in Lavasan, many people have condemned the story, but does the mourning of others really have anything to do with us?

Lavasan Houses

In this article, we will talk about this issue.

It seems that the Lavasan region is not a part of Iran. Because this region and its people are very different. It is as if they have been woven separately.

Recently, the news of a luxury cemetery in Lavasan caused a great deal of controversy. A cemetery which, despite its beautiful trees and flowers, was more like a park.

  Now, a special and luxurious closing ceremony has been held in this aristocratic area, which has attracted attention.

In fact, it is the most luxurious and noble funeral ever seen, so much so that even in the high classy parts of Europe and America, we have rarely seen it like it.

lavasan luxury charnel

  In this ceremony, the video of which has been released, women do not have clothing like clothes in which women wear Islamic, and all men in black suits are present in this ceremony.

While everyone is holding white balloons, someone is reading a text in mourning for the deceased.

After reading the text, the people present in the parliament drop their balloons in the sky and consume alcohol for the happiness of the deceased! Events which do take place at weddings sometimes in fact, But the place where this ceremony was held also has a unique beauty.

Sociologist’s opinion

But holding this ceremony, as a sociologist says, is just to gain respect and show off, and what does not seem to matter is the person who has died.

This sociologist tells Aftab Yazd new:

“This video of the luxury ceremony in Lavasan shows that people derive their personality from materialism and senses, or in other words, there is a dominant object in this stratum of society.

“That is, these people try to be proud of their materials and possessions, including jewelry, cars, clothes, and so on.”

 Amanullah Qaraei Moghaddam stated:

“There are tribes among the Indians who are destroying their property and possessions for the sake of boasting to each other at great expense, as we have seen at this ceremony.

 These are people who do not have family origins and have just reached the age and have gained wealth based on events and happenings.

“That is why they want to show this wealth to the people in any way they can.” “In fact, they want to gain prestige and respect,” he added.

For this reason, there are dominant things in this stratum of society. That is, they take their character from the somethings at their disposal.

This is while a noble family and those who are noble do not need to show off and behave like this.

“But the point is that what pervades the minds of most people in society is selfishness, self-centeredness, selfishness, and materialism.”

“In a society where materialism prevails, people pay attention to each other’s appearances,” the sociologist said, emphasizing that such people want to gain personality through their property because they lack originality.

 Nowadays, spirituality has diminished in society and no one knows anyone anymore, which is why some people try to introduce themselves to others through such boasting or holding such ceremonies.

“In any case, it should not be forgotten that money plays a leading role in today’s society.”

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