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Photoshop Surprise for Unsuspecting People at the Bus Station

Photoshop is the work of John Erickson of Sweden. This time, he demonstrates his art in creating Photoshop images quickly

Those are the pictures of the waiters at the bus station

He surprises them.

Photoshop History

Photoshop software is one of the best image editing software That Made by adobe.

Photoshop or adobe photoshop is the most popular photo editing software This software has been produced and published by Adobe since 1990.

During these years The company is constantly working on the development of this software So that almost every year a new version of Adobe Photoshop is released.

In the new versions, step by step, new and interesting features are added to it So that almost no user has not heard the name of this software Or He has not even installed it once on his system

Photoshop software is released on Windows and Mac platforms. Photoshop provides its users with a variety of tools for design, digital painting, site design, and retouching. Tools that persuade professional users to use them.

Photoshop Prank in Sweden

In general, Photoshop training should be specialized in your fields. Do not forget that the progress of Photoshop continues.

John Erickson is one of the people who has mastered this software And To show off his great ability to use Photoshop, as well as to surprise people, they built a great hidden camera.

This hidden camera captures images of people at the bus stop And They edit immediately And They are displayed on the monitor next to the bus station.

Watch the reaction of the people who were at this station in this video:

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