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Secrets of beauty and staying young Mahtab Keramati

Mahtab Keramati is one of the most popular Iranian actors who has a daughter. He was born in October of 1949 and completed his studies in microbiology with a bachelor’s degree from the Islamic Azad University.

Mahtab keramati Nicole Kidman

Mahtab Keramati, who is both an actress and a costume designer and decorator And most importantly, he has been UNICEF Peace Ambassador to Iran for many years. When he hears the names of the children, his eyes sparkle

It is as if all the good energies of the world are gathered in him

 To spend all of them to help the people of his land

Read more about the beauty and health of Mahtab Keramati in her own words

Beauty secrets of Mahtab Keramati

No Frumpy!

Mahtab Keramati says that not being a slut and being able to keep your clothes tidy will help you to be able to use the clothes of your previous years as well

I saw a way in a program. This can be very positive

In this program, we were told to hang your clothes in the closet upside down after the color composition, because after a season, you will realize which of your clothes you have never worn and you know that you should not do this. Stay in your closet

The natural face is better!

Mahtab Keramati: Many people think that they look more beautiful with seven make-up pens If the make-up is different from the beauty

 I see people who sometimes tell me what it looks like to go out on the street when they are invited to a party.

Well, that’s the taste, some people might like it, but I cannot cope with this type of appearance in any way

I think simplicity is very good

Mahtab Keramati in Paris

I myself have never dyed my hair

I do not want to change my face, but I always try to be neat and tidy

If I am going to dress, I try to dress so that everything fits together

 My type of clothing is not going to taste good or look like a flash

 In general, I do not want to draw attention to my appearance Of course, you can not tell the girls why you make yourself with this shape and image because everything goes back to taste

The drink is just a sip!

“Soda has been completely removed from my life,” says Mahtab Keramati

Sometimes I want to have a drink, but unfortunately, anything delicious is harmful

I do not buy a soda that is at home and tempts me, but if I crave a lot, I eat it to the extent that I have only tested it and I do not limit myself too much so that its thirst remains

As for sweets and chocolate, I eat only one particle to get rid of cravings

This also helps to stabilize my weight

Healthy nutrition that I owe to my mother

In general, I owe this routine of life, that is, not eating too much and eating vegetables in a healthy way (not fried), to my mother

 The vegetables do not fry too much because my mother steams them

 We do not eat frozen food as much as possible, we try to eat food fresh

Things which I follow

Eating fast food is very delicious

But I try to limit eating these types of foods

 Mahtab Keramati says, if I eat fast food one night, I think I have to pay for it for a few days

I never drink water at the table.

It is better to drink water 3 minutes before a meal so as not to be bothered

Remember that if you drink water 3 minutes before bedtime, you will have a heart attack


Do not forget breakfast

According to Mahtab Keramati, many people do not eat breakfast because of their laziness

But eating breakfast helps you eat less during the day

I have come to the conclusion that eating breakfast helps a lot to maintain a healthy weight and more importantly health

For this reason, if I am going to overeat in one meal, that meal will definitely be breakfast

 Keeping eating habits is very important for us actors

Especially in the filming project, we are in, we cannot eat as we want. I try to eat a diet at such times or not eat rice or try to eat bread and cheese with tomatoes and cucumbers

 In Africa, their type of food was not typical of us Iranians;

 That’s why I lost so much weight on that trip

Practice eating slowly

What I have learned from my friend and it is very difficult is to eat slowly

 Eating slowly helps to keep the body in shape, because after 20 minutes the brain always commands that you are full

 Now, if you eat less in these 20 minutes, you will be much more successful

The French talk and socialize mostly when eating, but we Iranians are accustomed to eating fast

 Well, our culture is that we do not like cold food

Of course, the traditional Iranian diet can greatly help our health

Eating vegetables, salads, yogurt these are foods that help our health

Importance to fashion and colors

During the period when I was producing clothes, I paid a lot of attention to the subject of fashion. I use it. Because we may like many things but never have a place to use them

Many women’s clothes usually remain in the closet because they cannot find a place to wear it

I pay much less attention to fashion now

Some colors are always fashionable, I prefer them

Some colors also give you an energy that I do not think is related to fashion

Of course, it may be that the color that you want to have is the color of your clothes

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