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secrets that hotels hide from their guests

Do you think there are things which hotels do not tell you?

Do you think there are things which hotels do not tell you?

Wellو You guessed right.

Although the hotel staff wants you to have an unforgettable stay as much as you do, this does not mean that they will share everything with you about their hotels where are their working Place Of course not to worry!

If you are so curious that you are willing to spend a few minutes knowing the secrets of hotels; Here is that place

Follow us to the end of the article “10 secrets that hotels hide from their guests”.

If you have booked a cheap room, you will also get a cheap room

Even these days when hotel reservations are online completely

The hotel reception knows everything about your room;

Where did you book your room?

  How much did you pay for it?

And What facilities are to be provided to you؟

It might be a good idea to know that reception staff even have instructions on how to behave when rooms are booked at very low prices. If you have booked a room at the lowest possible price in the hotel, do not expect the best room with the best view.

The phrase “capacity building” may not really be true

In this case, also, only reception staff know the truth.

  In fact, since they have access to the latest cancellation items and even items that are not included in the hotel reservation system;

  They know the actual inventory of the rooms.

  Hotel reservation system information, whether online or offline, is usually not updated.

  This is why some prefer to contact the hotel and inquire about room capacity.

The hotel concierge recommendations may not be completely neutral

Introducing some special places and vice versa ignoring others is one of the daily tasks of hotels.

 As we said earlier in the article what is a hotel concierge,

These people can give you information about the best restaurant in town. But You should know, it is possible that the hotel may have a partnership agreement with a particular restaurant or even the hotel manager owns the restaurant.

 They may have asked the concierge not to give you specific information about the surrounding restaurants so that you can go to your hotel restaurant.

 However, it is better to do some research on the surrounding places yourself and not just the recommendations of the hotel concierge

Your room may look neat, but not so clean

It is interesting to know that the housekeeping staff cleans between 10 and 30 rooms daily.

  On the other hand, they have to do it quickly and in the time between check-in and check-out of passengers.

This means that they can take 15 to 20 minutes to clean each room.

The last thing that can be done in this short time; Arrange the bed,

  Changing things like glasses and towels and checking the minibar. Now Do you think that 15 minutes is enough to clean the bathroom in your house?

Many items in the room are never cleaned

These devices include things like coffee or tea makers, door handles, screens, and TV controls.

So if you are among the obsessive people, it is better to read the article on ways to improve the travel and accommodation conditions for the obsessive.

Checking early and checking out late may not be in your best interest

If you want to be admitted outside of normal time to check this out, you may have to stay in a room reserved for you by the hotel.

  Of course, some disagree with this statement.

They believe that in the morning before the rooms are ready or at midnight when most of the rooms are full;

 This is a good time to find a good room.

  Maybe at these times, you can get even a better room than what you paid for.

In the video below, some weird and shocking secrets about hotels for you, We will retell:

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