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Shocking statistics on the social status of women in Tehran

10,000 “prostitutes” in Tehran from married to employees!

It is no longer the time of the rule of “Zal Mammad” during the reign of Reza Shah to gather the prostitute girls of Tehran in one place and present them to the lustful humans. We do not have a “new city” either, Also, Lalehzar is not like old Lalehzar

tehran night

Queen Etezadi, Pari Ajdan Qazi, Pari Bolandeh, Simin BMW, “Ashraf Chahar Cheshm”, Pari Siyah, Shahla Abadani, Nahid, and many prostitutes in Tehran have been forgotten

But, Unfortunately, prostitution has still a hot market in the capital, only slightly advertising methods and prices have become different, with the exception that officials consider this social harm taboo and they do not enter it such as a red line.

zanan tan forosh dar tehran

  Even the Minister of the country has not paid attention to prostitutes in presenting the report of social harms to the parliament

In the meantime, one group believes that the file of Tehran’s prostitutes should not be opened, and another group says that this taboo should be broken

But critics say the number of prostitutes in the capital is so small which there is no sense of danger

  But perhaps talking to an expert who is directly related to Tehranian prostitutes be worth considering

Tehran Woman

Her name is Farahnaz Salimi. She born in Tehran,

 Obstetrician and master of psychology; she says: I started working in Bandar Abbas in 1988.

We traveled to this city because of the mission of my wife, who is a neurologist I came to a special counseling center for vulnerable women through a friend of my wife (a psychologist) and I officially started working

From the beginning of his activities in the “Shahnaz” neighborhood of Bandar Abbas and how to provide counseling to vulnerable women, she says

The plan was approved by the Ministry of Health with the main goal of controlling HIV and preventing its spread through sexual intercourse

  Because other methods of transmitting AIDS, including mother to child and infected syringes, were controlled.

Tehran Night women

The Ministry of Health defined a project in 8 provinces of the country

Called “Harm Reduction and Health Promotion Plan”

According to the protocol of the Ministry of Health, 4 target groups were determined for our center

Women with a history of imprisonment, women whose husbands have been imprisoned, prostitutes, women who are addicted or their husbands addicted

We had to identify these women and refer them to the center for counseling and midwifery examinations Funding was provided by the Ministry of Health

We were able to attract 153 people in 18 months in Bandar Abbas

Most of the groups involved were addict women and prostitutes, and our job was controlling of HIV, and we needed to know if these women were having sex. When we asked Ms.Salimi why there is this kind of damage so much in this part of the country

 She said:

The number of single men in Bandar Abbas is high, they emigrated here for working in petrochemicals.  They are often seasonal workers and they are in contact with these women for their sexual needs. But after three years, when my wife’s mission ended, we had to return to Tehran

 In the last meeting with the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, I announced that I had to return to Tehran. There I was offered a place at a center by a psychologist, It took 4 months to get the license

And finally, with 4 staff (two psychologists, me, a technical officer, and a public health expert) a center with 4 goals: construction of a counseling center, construction of a women’s harm reduction center, addiction care center, short and in the medium term, we set up a psychological service center in Tehran, Now the name of this center is “Aftab” population. It is a rented place. We have no income and the center receives its budget from the University of Medical Sciences, And with the same amount, we have to provide both services and salaries to the members. But you may be wondering how these women are identified Salimi says about how to find them.

 Many years ago, we went to specific neighborhoods in Bandar Abbas to identify ourselves

But it was hard work because they did not trust us

But right now we choose the same persons with top of public relations (groups who we have already identified and there is mutual trust between us) and teach them.

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  1. One of the major points which should be addressed nests in the moral culture of Shia, which accepts and values this kind of behaviour as temporary marriage.

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