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Special Funny Part of Persian”Come Dine with me”

come dine with me is a TV contest in which Farsi-language channel “Manoto” bought the points of that from ITV and Channel 4 (UK), which broadcast accordance with the culture of those countries in each country, Manoto” bought it from England”

Persian Come Dine

This program Performs and broadcasts in Persian Every week, four participants who have never seen each other prepare dinner in their homes and secretly rate each other  On the last night of the race, whoever scores the most points wins the race, The winning participant in the first season of the program in the UK will receive 1000 pounds and in the second season in Sweden, they will receive 10,000 krone

In mid-March, when the 13th season of the “Come dine with me” TV program show aired, it was exactly what the Iranian community in Montreal needed. The city had just become acquainted with a fact called coronavirus, which began with the name of an Iranian.

The Iranian community of Montreal watched the  Come dine with me TV show in such a situation, but forced housekeeping and more free time caused the Montreal Iranians to speak out from every corner of the program. This is a look at the 13th season of Sham, which kept Montreal busy sometime in Corona days

Nearly ten years ago, the “Manoto” network was born in London, and due to the variety of its production programs, it soon attracted the attention of Iranian-born audiences from all over the world.

Persian Come Dine

Over the years, one of the network’s most popular shows has been “Come dine with me,” which has been recorded and broadcast over the years in countries ranging from Australia and Europe to North America

And now this program broadcast in Montreal, Canada

It might be a good idea to know what the “Come dine with me” program has acquired its franchise from the British company “ITV GLOBAL”

  And in accordance with Persian culture and traditional Iranian food, it has performed and distributed

The routine of this program is that every week, four participants who are supposed to have never seen each other prepare dinner in their homes and they give points to each other secretly

  On the last night of the race, whoever scores the most points wins the race

It is interesting to know what this program is held in more than fifteen countries of the world with similar shapes and icons, although how to deal and reception is different in every country

The new series of this program was recorded in Montreal in September and October last year

It was broadcast on the “Manoto” network during these days of quarantine and caused a lot of discussion and talk in the community.  What motivated us to write this report are the reflections that this program has created among the Iranian community of Montreal. The thirteenth season of the show began with a group of four women who portrayed positive aspects of immigration and life in Montreal

  While the report is being released, the show which was filmed in Montreal is in its final days and, with the exception of one or two cases, in most groups, the participants have shown positive faces, But the showing of “Come dine with me” in Montreal has not been without margins.

  In the sixth group of this season, Mona likened Montreal to a “village” when she arrived in Canada and Montreal

An issue which suddenly became much criticism in the cyberspace of the city

This issue had a lot of repercussions in cyberspace, especially the Facebook of Montreal groups, so much so that Mona was finally forced to soften her words and explain what she meant

A brief look at the comments below each of the broadcasts in the new series can be a testament to this

 Comments are sometimes so blunt that they are sometimes difficult to read

Make a comedy video for dinner

Due to the attention and many viewers that this program has had, some young people have started to produce comedy clips in the style of “Come dine with me” which is not without merit

You can watch one of these in the video below

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