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Surprising speeches of Tahmineh Milani on the antenna of Channel 3

Tahmineh Milani Spoke about Culture and social problems

Tahmineh Milani is a well-known filmmaker of Iranian social cinema.

She participated in the “Haft” program of Iran’s third state television channel on the evening of Friday, October 31.

Tahmineh Milani

She talks about the reasons for the success of her latest film, Fire 2

 But he took this opportunity rather than focusing on herself, and explicitly raised the problems of Iranian social cinema, Tahmineh Milani’s speech was reflective.

 Media affiliated with the IRGC, the Ministry of information, Resistance frontier, and the Mesbahi ring reacted sharply, Fars News even spoke of “shameful insult

The movie “Fire 2” has been a bestseller in Iranian cinemas these days And so far it has sold more than three billion tomans And in this way, it has been better-selling than the film “Me’rajiha” made by Massoud Dehnamaki, despite the large-scale and expensive advertisements for it.  This film is about the emotional problems of young and modern Iranian families Due to the unprecedented success of “Fire 2”, Tahmineh Milani was invited to participate in the seven programs, which is performed and produced by Mohammad Gaberlou and aired on the Third Channel.

Tahmineh Milani

Fire 2, made by Tahmineh Milani, Tahmineh Milani said about the movies and series which are made on TV.

“Today’s young are forgotten in Iranian cinema

As TV series 20 years and cinema are two to three years behind the people

But the people and the community are going their own way “

He also spoke about the idea of ​​”hostility” and opposition to Western culture, which is constantly raised by some media outlets:

“I have a very serious problem with the word enemy

 Do you know the basis for making such an imaginary enemy?

We constantly say in the media that Western culture has attacked us

 The enemy is waiting to take an auto from us

 Now, if the enemy finds out how many AIDS patients we have, what is the use of this in society? Then they say Westerners do not let us live right

 Do Westerners tell you not to talk to your wife properly?

 Do they say do not brush your teeth?

Did They say do not take a bath?

Did They say do not learn German?

Did They say do not grow in your job?

 These are all myths

 I do not know why this attitude is constantly spread in society

 I have a serious problem with the word reputation

“The reputation of our time has darkened

Tahmineh Milani’s remarks on Haft and the sensitivity of some media outlets to her remarks are doubly important in light of the possibility of impeachment of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for the two films “I am not angry” by Reza Dermishian and “Stories” by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad

The initiators of the interpellation plan claim that these two films sought to succeed in international festivals and support the “Seditionists” by “blackmailing” the realities of Iranian society

Video: Excerpts from Tahmineh Milani’s speech on the “Haft” program

In response to those who accuse Iranian social cinema of “blackmailing”, Tahmineh Milani said in Program 7:

Black film is meaningless

I am a filmmaker and I do my job

 There is a filmmaker who wants to make a black social film

Let it build

 Why do you think festivals use or abuse us?

I completely disagree with this statement

Unless they are unemployed to pay attention to us

“Why do we raise so many enemies?

In another part of his speech about the cultural invasion of the West, he said

“There is no black film unless foreigners are unemployed to give us Alki a prize. We should not be so hostile to the enemy. “The rape of Western culture is a myth.”

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