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What is a Hostel? ( Definition + introduce best Hostels website)

Cheap accommodation and reduced travel costs

Many people travel to different countries, They think to reduce the cost of travel and probably they are familiar with cheap accommodation in hostels.

For some trips, choosing a suitable hostel is one of the reduced cost travel ways, But they often have limited information about cheap hotels (hostels).

In this article, we want to know what is a hostel and we want to know these cheap accommodations

  1. What is the hostel?

The hostel is a cheap hotel!

Passenger accommodation or hostel which can also be called motel is a kind of cheap accommodation.

Usually, there is one bed for usually each passenger in a common room with other guests.

Sanitary facilities (bathrooms and toilets) and kitchens are usually located out of the rooms and passengers share sanitary facilities with each other.

Accommodation in a hostel is recommended for these persons:

  • People who pay attention to travel costs more than other things
  • persons who travel alone.
  • Tourists who are looking for experiences outside their accommodation and they use their accommodation only for night rest.

  1. Hostel, cheap accommodation

A hostel is a cheap dormitory which rents you beds of one room and in fact, one room shared between several people.

Rooms usually have between 2 and 8 beds.

If you have a plan to travel and you want to stay in a hostel, you should know that hostels are not inferior to hotels in terms of facilities and the only thing which reduce the price of accommodation in a hostel is the simultaneous use of one room by several passengers

Reputable hostels have an international union at and give service to travelers and tourists who are looking for a cheap hotel across cities of different countries around the world

  1. Hostel membership card

If your hostel is a member of the International Hostel Association on the site, you can receive a membership card from any of the hostels and enjoy a significant discount on hostel prices from 4,000 member hostels worldwide.

This card is worth approximately $ 24 and be exported in your name and offers you a discount of 15 to 20% on the prices of hostels in this union around the world.

Also, if you want to stay in a hostel for more than 10 nights, you can get more off for your long-term stay from the hostel owner

  1. Features of cheap staying in a hostel

Staying in a hostel is remarkable, you can easily room with people from other countries and you can find many friends in other countries and even arrange your next trip to their country!

Because most of the young tourists in the world come to the hostel for cheap staying and they have a direct and close relationship with each other.

For this reason, it is possible for you to find close-friends from all over the world, and since all of them are tourists, you can travel with them in some parts of the trip, and by dividing the cost of the trip, you can still save your money at during the trip.

a Hostel in Spain, Zaragoza
A Hostel in Spain, Zaragoza

Using of hostels outside of countries for cheap accommodation is good for scammers and thieves.

For this reason, it is important to consider security issues such as hiding cash and expensive equipment and identification documents for using hostels. And it is better you don’t use unreliable hostels.

Unlike hotels, hostels have cooking facilities in the kitchen and there are all kinds of cooking facilities such as stove, oven, microwave, bread toaster, pot, frying pan, plate, spoon, and fork and glass, so for cooking and eating.

In general, the use of toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens is common in hostels, in addition to the fact that these places are also completely clean.

  1. Cost of staying in the hostel

The price of a night in European hostels is different between $ 15 and $ 20 for everyone, and the price of a night for Asian or Latin American countries is $ 5. Of course, the price of private rooms is a little higher. Private rooms are a better choice for married people.

Private hostel rooms are really affordable compared to $ 100 to $ 150 per night.

You will also not be able to cook at the hotel and will have to use outside food, which will increase the cost of your trip.

But in the hostel, you can buy cheap raw materials from the supermarkets and use the pot and utensils which are available in the kitchen of the hostel, cook your favorite food in the hostel and even keep the rest in the refrigerator of the hostel for tomorrow.

6 . How can we reserve a room in Hostel?

You can easily reserve a room in the hostel via the Internet.

Find a hostel in any city of any country you want and then call it to reserve your room and for this, you do not need to pay through the international credit card Visa card or MasterCard and this is the biggest the advantage for us

Details of all hostels in the world are available in one of the four sites:

Point: Most hostel owners do not spend their nights in their hostels and the hostel is completely at the disposal of the guests. Therefore, if you arrive in your city late, you should ask the hostel manager, depending on its facilities, the location of the room key or the password to open the door of the room you have reserved, so that when entering the hostel, you don’t have any problem

 Hostels in Iran

In Iran, cheap accommodation is called the boarding house, guest house, and also.

In the first half of the fourteenth century, the construction of low-cost expanded in different cities of Iran, and they built in different cities of these places, entrance gates, main squares of the city, and also adjacent to travel garages.

In recent decades, the number of tourists entering Iran has reduced, that’s why reserving for the accommodation in the hostel has reduced.

The demand for accommodation in hostels has decreased and instead of that, there is more interest in building and staying in hotels. For this reason, many old inns have changed their use. In earlier periods, inns played the role of a guest house.

  1. Hostel Benefits

  • Its price is much cheaper than hotels.
  • Common environments and the presence of a large number of passengers allow you to communicate socially.
  • In some of them, organized social events are held. Like watching matches together or a ceremony like Yalda night in Iran.
  • They are usually formed based on the existing cultural environment and allow you to touch the cultural factors of the destination.
  1. Disadvantages of hostels

  • If you are just looking for cheap accommodation you may have to share the room with other people. Of course, keep in mind that using a private room in this type of accommodation is cheaper than in a hotel.
  • Most likely, the cleanliness of this type of accommodation can’t be equal to the cleanliness of hotels and its lack is felt. Therefore, if necessary, you should do it yourself and clean your surroundings.
  • Silence is not so much observed and sometimes noise may bother you.
  • They are less secure than hotels. But they do not lack security.

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